Saturday, October 22, 2011

Episode 9: AFMBE - John rolls -lots- of 1's.

Welcome back to the Hench-Cast!

Due to scheduling conflicts we got together late this week and Jeff, John, and Josh play a one shot of All Flesh Must Be Eaten!  Hilarity ensues with bad rolls, bad decisions, and moonpies!

Click the post title to download!

Jeff - GM
John - Chip Johnson, the Duitiful Boyfriend
Josh - Skeetz, the Manic Party Animal


Girr said...

awesome episode guys and pretty damn funny

Jeff said...


3rik de πrik said...

That cinematic gasoline explosion in slow-motion was epically hilarious! I hope there'll be more of that in future AFMBE games.

Am I correct that, like me, you guys prefer to ignore the exploding 1's and 10's from Classic Unisystem?

John Taggart said...

Awesome work you guys!

Mike said...


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