Saturday, October 15, 2011

Episode 8: Mechwarrior Session 2

Welcome back everyone!

This week's episode is the second session of our Mechwarrior campaign and will also feature a BONUS DOWNLOAD of the Mech Combat session that accompanies it.

Ron "Landfill" McDonald, Devon Fandango, and Vlad "The Crushinator" Isostar get ready for the upcoming mech combat that will be the test to see if they are worthy of becoming part of Hombre Stables.

Click the post title to download!

Bonus Episode: E8P2: Battletech Combat!

Show Notes:
GM - Jeff
Ron "Landfill" McDonald - Mike
Devon Fandango - Josh
Vladimir "The Crushinator" Isostar

Also of note again is that the audio quality is different in this session as we were still using our old recording setup.


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