Saturday, October 8, 2011

Episode 7: Mechwarrior

Welcome to the Hench-Cast!

This week we are going back in time to our first Mechwarrior session, as we worked on Mutants and Masterminds character creation this week and the recording wasn't very entertaining.

The guys receive a briefing about the Mech Combat they will compete in for a place with Hombre Stables.  After the briefing they meet up with a fellow pilot at The Rusty Actuator where hilarity ensues.

Click the post title to download!

Show notes:
Jeff - GM
John - Vladimir "The Crushinator" Isostar
Mike - Ron "Landfill" McDonald
Jason - Carl "Gravedigger" Ash
Josh - Devon Fandango


Jeff said...

Note about the lower audio quality. This one was recorded before we switched from recording using my old iRiver mp3 player to the Zoom H2 recorder, which is what we use now.

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