Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No episode this week. :(

Sorry everyone, no podcast this week due to Thanksgiving scheduling conflicts.

Also of note is that we may not have episodes on December 10th and possibly the 17th.  John will be in Mexico for a week in early December so unless he decides to teach Jeff how to do all the podcast stuff we will probably be on hiatus for a little bit.

Hopefully after the 1st of the year we will fall back into a pretty regular schedule and have everyone available a little more regularly so we can fall into a campaign or two.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Episode 13: Beware the Boatman

This week the Hench-Cast comes up with a new Urban Dictionary entry!

We also played another one shot of Savage Worlds using the M.E.A. theme we had last week.  In this adventure the boys dimension hop to the planet Necropolis to help the Church State save the remains of one of their Saints from the undead.

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Show Notes:
John - GM
Jeff - Enzo
Mike - Brett
Josh - Chad

Urban Dictionary: Boating

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Episode 12: Savage Worlding

The Hench-Cast does Savage Worlds!

In today's episode the boys give Savage Worlds a shot.  John GM's a quick and dirty one shot in which we do all manner of things incorrectly rules-wise.  But we have fun, and were able to take away what to do correctly for next time.

So enjoy John (gm), Jeff, Mike, and Josh bumbling through Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition and shooting Orcs with modern firearms!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Episode 11: M&M Campaign Session 1

Sorry for the late post everyone!  Busy day for the webmaster. :P

Today we have Jeff GMing the intro to our Mutants and Masterminds Campaign with John (Psychic Snake), Mike (Thor), and Josh (Awesome Sauce).

The would be heroes go to an audition for a super hero reality TV show!

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