Sunday, March 25, 2012

Episode 15: Traveller - Space accents!

Welcome to the Hench-Cast!  This week we are starting out a Mongoose Traveller campaign which promises to be pretty fun.  John is Reffing and is running a sandbox game for Jeff, Jason and Mike.  In this episode the boys are introduced to the Newhall subsector and set about looking for a ship and some cargo.

Also this week we are starting with our new format for episodes.  We will be taking on of our gaming sessions that usally runs 3-4 hours and breaking them down into 1 to 1.5 hour podcasts.  Please bear with us as we work on finding smooth transitions between segments.

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John - Ref/GM
Mike - Malcolm Hammer
Jeff - Russel Stover
Jason - Sterling "Woodhouse" Archer

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Format Change

Hey everybody!

Sorry there was no episode last weekend (or in this post), St. Patrick's day mucked everything up for your fearless audio editor. :P

However, after some talking we are implementing a format change to bring you more regular episodes.  The episodes will be shorter, but more consistent so you don't have to go a week without if I fall behind on audio edits or we have a scheduling conflict.  Episodes should stay posting Sunday's at noon and there will be a new episode this weekend kicking off our Traveller campaign!

Thanks for sticking with us!


Sunday, March 4, 2012


We are finally back!  This week's episode features us doing some improv gaming.  John had nothing ready for Traveller so we did a little brainstorming and came up with a situation involving church appointed monster hunter called to 1912 Chicago to investigate some murders.

Apologies for the audio, we were all closer to the mic than usual and Jeff was a little excited about his character. :P

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John - GM
Jeff - Thomas Doubtfire
Jason - Hunter
Mike - Short Round
Josh - James Raynor