Monday, August 29, 2011

Episode 1, Part 1: Pathfinder

The Hench-Cast does Pathfinder!  John GM's as Jeff, Mike, Josh and Jason playing in John's Pathfinder campaign.

Stirling (Jeff), Skar (Jason), William (Mike), and Val (Josh) find themselves arriving in the city of Magnimar to help out an acquaintance who sent to them for help.

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Friend Of The Show HalonX has offered us hosting!  Awesome!  I'll have the RSS feed fixed tonight and start working on a "real" website some time this week.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

RSS Feed

I'm trying to get an RSS feed going and having problems with getting the episodes to link properly for dowload.  For now feel free to click the episode title, or the link in the post to download!


Episode 0 - Welcome to The Hench-Cast!

Welcome to The Hench-Cast!  This is our Episode 0 (click to download) where Jeff and John talk about what the podcast will be about and ramble a bit about their gaming backgrounds.

Stick with us as our Episode 1 will be posted soon and will feature John GMing his Pathfinder campaign with players Jeff, Jason, Josh and Mike.

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Show Notes:
MechWarrior RPG
Pathfinder RPG
Savage Worlds

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going Live

A few more tweaks here and there on the layout and a redo on our Episode 0 and we will be live!

Hoping to have our Episode 0 and Episode 1 up this Saturday, 8-27-11