Saturday, October 1, 2011

Episode 6: Emergency!

Emergency! Emergency!  Incoming One-Shot of Mutants and Masterminds!

Due to some scheduling conflicts and Borderlands we weren't able to get All Flesh Must Be Eaten together (sorry Thirtythr33!). Jeff, Jason and John sat down to do a one-shot of Mutants and Masterminds to try to refresh ourselves on the rules and have a little fun with Mike and Josh absent.

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Show Notes:
Jeff - GM
Jason - Deadpool and Collossus
John - Spider-Man and Human Torch


Jeff said...

We're apparently going to be doing a run of M&M, campaign style. I promise to take more than a half hour to refresh myself on the rules this time. (I blame Mike for that.)

It'll end up being a more street-level adventure.

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