Saturday, November 17, 2012

E26: Pathfinder - The Heroes Return!

Holy hell we are back!  There are at -least- 6 weeks of content getting ready to go, and more being made!

In this episode the Heroes of Sandpoint attempt to pick up where we left off and receive a letter from the city treasurer...

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John: GM
Jeff: Stirling Mortlock
Mike: William Doubleblood
Jason: Skar Bloodfist


Jeff said...

A note on this episode, after we were done with it, we kinda decided to abandon this campaign because a couple of us had trouble reconnecting with our characters, as it had been so long since we last played them.

After listening to this podcast, I'm thinking we maybe shouldn't abandon them, as it was pretty damn entertaining.

Mike said...

Couldn't agree more. I know after we played this I thought it was a lot of fun. After a listen it was even better than I remembered. The man-servant abuse cracked me up.

I'm excited for the next part, Episode 27: Bird Intruder. They're climbing in our windows, trying to snatch our people up... *cluck cluck chicken-noise*

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