Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Sessions

Hey everyone!  Mike put a post up in the forum which I will edit/paraphrase here about this summer:

...talking with everyone I think the current plan is to do some other fun things that we want to do right now, which don't really translate well into podcasting. Jeff and I dusted off the old Doomtrooper cards, and I'm frankensteining some rules to play a campaign style game using a Risk board and playing card games to determine battles instead of rolling dice. DoomRisker. We also talked about playing some Descent and we aren't sure if that works as a pod either.

We'll likely post random things or pictures here or on the main page(?) of our board/card gaming to let people know we're not dead. But seeing as we don't get much feedback (zero feedback is a little more accurate) on anything, we don't feel too obligated to pump out entertainment for the nameless crowd that may download. We'll do some things for our own entertainment in the form of Doomtrooper/DoomRisker and Descent.

Jeff is cooking up a Mutant Chronicles RPG campaign, and I'm working on some crazy Pathfinder stuff. When those are done we'll get back on the podcast horse, but for now we're not really feeling any pressure to do pods.

So there you have it.  We will make some updates here and there, but chances are we will be filling our cache so when we do come back we will have enough to cover the Christmas scheduling problems.

Feel free to yell at us on the FORUM, or shoot us an email!


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