Sunday, January 6, 2013

E32: Pathfinder - Dungeons and Double Dragons

Welcome to the Hench-Cast!

This week we pick up a new Pathfinder campaign with some new 4th level characters.  Things got a little weird in the character gen session and we ended up with a Ninja, a Monk, and a Bard...

Mike - Thunder Snake, the Ninja
Jeff - Petra, Half-Elf Bard
Jason - Anver, Half-Elf Monk

Click here to download!


Biti said...

Thanks, i have downloaded. It is feel good that use it to buy d3 gold in my computer.

Unknown said...

A shame that this was the last upload of the Hench Cast. I think I've downloaded and listened to most of your sessions at least twenty times. Better fortunes, sirs!

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